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Company name:Nanton Ocean Ship Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Jiangsu province Nantong city Gangzha District ship supporting industry centralized area of Baosteel No. 6 (MAP:Google MAP)


We started procurement in China in 1994 with assistance of Kawasaki Heavy Industries. In 2001, Tokiwa Seisakusho began a business relationship with Nangton YP and this partnership has continued to date.
It is often considered that the greatest benefit of China procurement is low price. On top of that, our China procurement offers even more advantages: Trust and overall-cost-reduction


  1. Nangton YP is wholly-owned subsidiary of a major shipping company run by the Chinese government. Nangton YP has nearly 20 years of experience in exporting its products to a Japanese major heavy industry firm through us.
  2. The City of Nangton has got strong ties with Japan, including sister city agreements with Toyohashi City and Izumi City. As it is a group company of a state-owned enterprise, it also has a good relationship with the public agencies in China.
  3. Our consulting firm, Shanghai K&T, dispatches its staff in Nangton office to supervise quality control and production process management.

Enables overall-cost-reduction

1) Clients can use the same specification format as they use with Japanese contractors
Nangton YP is knowledgeable about Japanese business practices, and has sufficient skills in Japanese language. In addition, at Shanghai K&T, our consulting firm, there are engineers who have working experience in Japan, enabling them to provide extensive support. Japanese clients can use specification format that is the same as what they use with domestic contractors and there is no need to translate it into Chinese or English.
2) Handling of defects
When accident happens (e.g. defective or missing product) with items procured in China, we will take countermeasures swiftly.
3) Items available for China procurement
Almost any plate-working and machined item is available. We also accept order for large-sized structures including machining of land and facilities.

Although the item size that fits in regular dry container (8’6” high steel) is ideal, we can still ship items with open top container, if the size is applicable for land transportation after arrival in Japan. Shipping with chartered ship is also available for large orders (approximately 200 ton).

We can fully handle surface preparation for blasting, acid pickling, electroplating, hot-dip galvanizing and finish coating.
4) Delivery compliant
【①Direct delivery】
Upon arrival of the items in Japan, we handle the procedures from customs clearance, loading to shipping arrangement to our customer.
As a rule, we process customs, clearance, and loading first. Then we directly ship the goods to our customers. However when requested, we can handle yokomochi (transportation between warehouses) and ship the goods after inspection. We are confident that Nangton YP products have the quality that is high enough (suitable) for direct deliveries.

Divided shipping is also available when continued business relationship is expected.
5) Iron-frame packing
Since items are packed in iron frame with simple wheels and fork pockets at manufacturer’s plant in China, loading at Japanese port and unpacking upon receiving is extremely easy. Additionally, most items are delivered in non-wood frame and requires no industrial waste disposal procedure. Iron frame is sellable as iron scrap.
6) Express goods and Additional order and modification
Our plants in Japan or our partner company will handle such requests.
7) Witness inspection
We undertake making and filing of mill test report and inspection report upon request.

Main products

Auxiliary machinery table, slopes, ladder and landing, decking, handrail, machinery table, pipe band, (cableway, through hull fitting, machinery table), vent pipe, ventilation, damper, etc.

Shanhai K&T Trade Co.,LTD.

Company name:Shanhai K&T Trade Co.,Ltd.
上海市浦东区金桥路1389号 金桥大厦1305室 (地図:Google MAP

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